International Transport

Truck transport in Europe

A suitable solution for full truck loads.

Without reloading, on tine, express.

Daily departures of exports to all European countries.

Imports to CZ at discounted prices.

Collecting service in Europe

The most economical transport option.

Suitable for smaller loads.

Shipping around the world

We transport goods to any port in the world.

We will ensure subsequent delivery to the recipient in the country.

Imports from around the world.

Worldwide air travel

Export and import to all cargo airport terminals worldwide.

Delivery and collection of goods at your chosen destination, anywhere in the world.

Customs services

We offer complete customs services.

Listing of documents (CMR, EUR1, Carnet, TIR)

Issue of documents (JSD, JSDd, DCH, DCHd, T1, T2)

Customs clearance.


We can offer you additional insurance of the shipment up to 110% of the value of the goods.

Freight insurance according to CMR.

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